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Experience Sustainability

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At Semiahmoo Resort, we take pride in providing a comfortable, locally-inspired, and sustainable environment for our guests. Environmental conservation is an essential element of Semiahmoo's mission and vision. Below we’ve highlighted some of the initiatives we embrace to enhance our commitment to our community and the world.

The Guest Rooms

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Featured in all Semiahmoo guest rooms are William Roam bath products, specifically designed for environmental sustainability. This innovative toiletry collection features bottles made primarily from Plastarch Material (PSM), a corn-based biodegradable material, and other environmentally sensitive packaging. The coordinating accessories are also made primarily from PSM and packaged in natural recycled paper cartons printed with soy based inks. The vegetable based soaps are cruelty-free and contain no animal fat or byproducts. All ingredients have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are not environmentally harmful.

Semiahmoo Resort recycles all slightly-used or opened bottles,donating them to charities such as the Clean the World® Global Hygiene Revolution. In doing so, these hygiene products are distributed to impoverished people worldwide helping to prevent millions of deaths annually caused by hygiene-related illnesses.

The Food

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Semiahmoo’s culinary vision is based on the farm-to-table experience,beginning at the source: the farm, the ranch, the stream.

It is in our kitchens that the passion for the product itself – as it grows, as it is cultivated, as it is fed and nurtured – matters first. Small, local Pacific Northwest farms, artisans, ranchers and fishermen are carefully chosen for their ability to provide the best hand-selected, superior products direct from their fields, trees, streams or pastures.

Semiahmoo’s food and beverage vendor partners are similarly quality-driven devotees of responsible, sustainable, fair-trade practices. Semiahmoo’s culinary team does business only with those who value food’s tradition and its future. At Semiahmoo, we provide quality products with thoughtful preparation and artful presentation. By doing so, we hope to delight every guest that chooses to dine with us.

Flooring - 'Net Effects'

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Semiahmoo is proud to support INTERFACE's carpet collection 'Net Effects', an environmentally and socially responsible method in creative flooring. Throughout Semiahmoo Resort you will find beautiful blue carpets with textures that mimic the waves of the sea. These carpets are made from recycled fishing nets collected off the rural coasts of the Philippines. 'Net Effect' carpets were born out of 'Net-Works,' a green global partnership between INTERFACE and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a conservation charity.

The 'Networks' program was designed to help repurpose discarded fishing nets found among some of the world’s poorest coastal in the Philippines, providing a viable waste solution for post-consumer nylon. At Semiahmoo, we understand the need to be a part of something bigger. Although the beaches around the Semiahmoo Spit are clean and free of waste, other cities around the world are not as fortunate. We hope to be a part of the change.


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Semiahmoo’s engineering team is a large contributor to our greater sustainability effort. They have successfully replaced all lightbulbs throughout the property with LED light bulbs. LED lights last about twenty times longer than the average light bulb decreasing the amount of manufacturing, packaging and shipping. They also consume 20-80% less energy, benefiting the hotel both environmentally and economically.

High-efficiency plumbing is used throughout the resort. All of our toilets are equipped with water saving features that reduce water consumption by 20-60%.

Sales & Marketing

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Our sales & marketing departments continue to make strides to become 100% paperless. Semiahmoo We provide eGuides, eBrochures and use online promotional tools in an effort to save paper and reduce waste.

Semiahmoo is currently is in the process of becoming a Green Key member, a recognition awarded by The Green Key Eco-Rating Program. This rating recognizes the commitment of hotels, motels and resorts in improving their environmental and fiscal performance.


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