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Delivering Semiahmoo’s culinary vision of presenting to all diners the highly valued farm-to-table experience means beginning at the source. The farm. The ranch. The stream.

It is here the passion for the product itself – as it grows, as it is cultivated, as it is fed, as it is nurtured – first awakens, in turn with the environment and the watchful, caring eyes of equally responsible, dedicated, and devoted resource partners.

Small, local, Pacific Northwest farms, artisans, ranchers and fishermen are carefully chosen for their commitment to offering to Semiahmoo Resort hand-selected products direct from their fields, trees, streams or pastures. No middle men.

Semiahmoo’s food and beverage vendor partners are similarly quality-driven devotees of responsible, sustainable, fair-trade practices. Semiahmoo’s culinary team does business only with those who value as highly as do they – food’s tradition and its future.

Today’s diners live in an age where the majority of hotel restaurant and banquet operations focus on high productivity and low food cost (often resulting in the purchase of mass-produced, packaged, stored, shipped and dare we say often frozen food items). At Semiahmoo, the food and beverage team provides quality products with thoughtful preparation and appealing presentation. And doing so to the delight of the diners while being socially responsible yet fiscally wise.

You are encouraged to learn a little about just a few of Semiahmoo’s vendors. See how they share and support the overall food and beverage vision. With partnerships like these, it is no wonder Semiahmoo Resort fulfills its mission of providing the ultimate farm-to-table experience.

Local Farms

Double R Ranch
Cedarville Farm
Cloud Mountain Farm
Terra Verde Farms


Rabbit Fields Farm – mixed vegetables, variety of greens
Spring Frog Organic Farm – organic strawberries, mixed vegetables
BelleWood Acres – apples, vodka, apple brandy and gin


Osprey Hill Farm – pastured chickens/turkeys, and mixed vegetables
Well Fed Farm (Bow) – pastured chickens, pork


Sage & Sky Farm


Nooksack Delta Ranch – Grass fed beef
Gothram Ranch, Republic, WA


Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy – organic milk
Samish Bay (Bow) – artisanal cheeses, grass fed beef and pork
Appel Farms – variety of cheeses


Barlean’s Fishery
Taylor Shellfish - clams, oysters

Artisan Products

Bellingham Pasta Co – locally made pastas
Breadfarm – artisanal breads
BelleWood Acres – vodka, brandy & gin
Artisan Avenue Bread from Bellingham
Evolve Chocolate Truffles – unique truffles made with local flavors


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